My Home

Building a home is perhaps one of the greatest and most significant projects in a person’s life.

I always knew I would build my own house, I prepared for years … I wrote sketches, built models, studied the profession, starting with building houses in Japan, continuing with projects in the country and building private houses for clients.

Do you know that a small child is asked to draw a house? This is usually a house with a triangular roof, a door and two windows … For us, the children always painted a house with a rounded roof …

We designed and built the house ourselves, a house made of wood with a special plaster cladding on the outside.

I created the arched roof beams in my carpentry shop – bending and gluing using the lamination method, gluing several layers of wood in a mold. A technique that creates particularly strong wooden beams for large developers.

The house was built while living and living in it, every part and every corner received the most attention at the right time. The construction took years (and some say it will never end …) Friends and family also came to help. All construction materials were brought to the house by hand due to its distance from the road.

The house was built with a green vision with an emphasis on reusing as many materials as possible, saving energy, proper use of space and continuous contact with the outside.

The house is a gallery window for many years of personal creation and the creation of other family members. The house is open to groups and individuals for spiritual gatherings, art and coexistence in Wadi Ara.