I want to make your heart skip a beat every time you come home…

Already in my youth I would carve and paint on every piece of wood I came across. I acquired the basics of carpentry about 30 years ago as part of a training course of the Israel Ministry of Labor and ever since I continue to explore and expand my knowledge while creating. I spent a fascinating period building wooden houses in Japan and later in various projects in Israel. In 1994 I set up an independent business that initially focused on outdoor work however over time I became more and more attracted to interior furniture.

The items I design and create become centerpieces both indoors and outdoors, featuring rounded and organic structures inspired by nature. Works of art that are both functional and comfortable.

Using mainly reclaimed wood in my creations reflects my strong sense of responsibility for Earth and respect for the land and trees. The primary raw material in my work is French oak from large wine aging barrels. Over the years, the wine penetrated the grooves and layers of the wood, the metal clasps also left their mark and the wood acquired a unique personality and characteristics which I love to bring out in every finished product.

Every project and creation begin with an in-depth introduction, getting to know my client’s specific needs and desires. Building mutual trust and a strong connection allow for freedom of creation and the fulfillment of dreams.

You are welcome to contact us and together we will fulfill your dreams.