For Noam, his love for wood is imprinted in his blood.


This was already evident back at school while at workshop classes and during breaks, where he would be happily carving out pieces of wood that fell into his hands.


After his military service, he studied basic carpentry via a governmental course. 


In 1994 he established his own business, and since then Noam focuses on practical sculpture: Where he sets out to leave a prominent mark of his creativity on each of his pieces, but not at the expense of comfort and functionality.


In many of Noam's work pieces he chooses to use recycled wood, realizing two of his dreams: the first to guard the earth's natural resources and the second to admire the inherent natural beauty and uniqueness of recycled wood reflecting the years.


The most popular wood in his work is the French oak, that was once used for wine barrels. Over the years, the wine is absorbed into the grooves, and into the wood layers that have come into contact with the wine. Around the metal holders of the barrels, the rust penetrates into the wood, and over time the wood is endowed with beauty and a unique identity and it is with this he transforms his pieces into works of art. 


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Noam focuses on

sculptural furniture

made from reclaimed of art that are

both functional and beautiful.

noam's creations become the center

of the house.